Blackjack Stand Table Basic Strategy


Blackjack, Black Jack: Basic Strategy Tables Split, Double Down, Hit (Draw) or Stand.
All three color-coded charts in one file, in the best decision-making sequence: Split Pairs, to Double Down, to Hit or Stand.Learn, memorize, and apply the tables in the following order. This is the only, therefore the best sequence of learning, memorizing, and applying to the casino table the blackjack basic strategy:1 – Split Pairs Table Chart; if hand not applicable, move quickly to #2; 
2 – Double Down Table Chart; if hand not applicable, move quickly to #3; 
3 – Hit Draw Stand Table Chart; a final decision must be made now; a basic strategy player will either stand, or hit the hand.I play fancy sometimes and hit, even double, a 12 or 13 against dealer 5 or 6 only and only when I consider the probability be high to get a low card! I admit, I had no choice but double a 12 against a dealer 6 when the dealer made a serious error. The player prior to my hand was not a basic strategy player and stood on less than 11! The Asian dealer turned a 9 card, while the player had said “stand”. Rocket science for Ion Saliu, who doubled down and won (less than $50!!! The morale: You should never ever be ashamed if winning because of dealer’s gross mistakes! Also, beware of dealers’ tendency to cheat by miscounting. If that happens, you could win big time in courts of law! Always look closely at dealers’ hands!)
Split Pairs Table ChartDealer Up Card >Player’s 1 st TWO cards ? 02345678910AA+A10+109+98+87+76+65+54+43+32+2Split PairsSplit IF double down allowed after splitDo NOT splitDouble Down Table ChartDealer Up Card >Player’s 1 st TWO cards ?2345678910A>=1211109<=8A+8;A+9A+6;A+7A+4;A+5A+2;A+3Double DownDo NOT double downHit Draw Stand Table ChartDealer Up Card >Player’s 1 st TWO cards ?2345678910A17-2013-16124-11A+8;A+9A+7A+3-A+ 6Hit (Draw)Stand (do NOT draw)Basic Strategy Chart for Multiple Deck Blackjack 
H = Hit; S = Stand; D = Double down; P = split PairsDealer ?Player ?2345678910119HDDDDHHHHH10DDDDDDDDHH11DDDDDDDDDH12HHSSSHHHHH13 – 16SSSSSHHHHHA + 2; 3HHHDDHHHHHA + 4; 5HHDDDHHHHHA + 6HDDDDHHHHHA + 7SDDDDSSHHH2 + 2PPPPPPHHHH3 + 3PPPPPPHHHH4 + 4HHHPPHHHHH6 + 6PPPPPHHHHH7 + 7PPPPPPHHHH9 + 9PPPPPSPPSS. Always stand on 17 or greater. 
. Always split A+A and 8+8. 
. Never split 10+10 and 5+5 (unless you seeing Ion Saliu playing that way).

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