Blackjack Strategy


Which is the best Blackjack strategy? Well, there is no best strategy – but there is a best Blackjack strategy for you. There exist dozens of card counting books and Blackjack strategies. It depends on your skills, the effort that you wish to expend and the circumstances of your play. For each of the skills below, click on a button to indicate your skill level. Click on a button on the right for a high skill level or on the left for a low skill level. Note: you shouldn’t necessarily click the highest button even if your skill level is fantastic. More accurate play can tire you and lead to mistakes or less play time. A simple Blackjack strategy played perfectly is better than a more advanced strategy played with errors. Also, you need to appear like a relaxed, normal player — not like a card-counter.

Deck Estimation: Estimate your ability and desire to calculate the number of cards that you have seen. The better you are at this task, the further to the right you should click on a button. Not all Blackjack strategies require this skill.

Division: Estimate your relative ability to quickly and accurately divide numbers for True Count calculations.

Counting: This is an estimate of your ability to quickly and accurately keep a Running Count of card values.

Side Counts: A few strategies require side counts of Aces. Estimate your ability to keep an accurate side count here.

Memorization: Specify your ability to memorize large numbers of card indexes here. 
Fractions: Specify your ability to deal with fractions here.

Casual Player More than Casual Weekend Warrior Serious Player Professional Type of Play: Select the type of player that most accurately describes your situation. 
Primarily Single Primarily Double Mixed Primarily Shoe Decks: Select the number of decks that you will be playing here.