Online roulette has a short history as it has evolved with the net, but a long history with it’s relationship to the classic casino game. Roulette may be considered a soothing game in the gambling circuit. A nice slow pace tends to attract subdued and quiet, and by nature of this quality, a more civilized crowd. In Europe roulette has an association with tuxedoes and well dressed women; the air is that of grace, nobility, elegance, a million synonyms more. The exact origins of the game are not exactly known. With its popularity arising in the mid 18th century in greater Europe, some say the inventor is none other than the famed mathematician and early computer mind Blaise Pascal. If this is true, then the game has truly come full circle, as the new wave of players log on to try online roulette.

Strangely enough the roulette wheel has become one of the most fixed representations of gambling throughout the world, without the game ever becoming all that popular in America. Perhaps to say that is strange is culturally centric, as its popularity is unquestioned across the pond. There is a difference between American and European roulette though, and it lies in the wheel. An American wheel has both a 0 and a 00 (double zero) thus creating a higher house advantage, and discouraging many. Single 0 wheels may be found in North America, but often require an unreasonable minimum bet. Online roulette wheel’s may be either American or European, but of course this only matters if the online casino keeps it’s odds straight.

My page will hopefully fuel any desires you have for the game of roulette, and extinguish any lingering questions. If you have any questions leave me a note and I will see if I or someone I know can answer it for you. What more can I say? Three words: Enjoy online roulette!

The numbers are divided into three betting sets of twelve each: the top twelve from 1 to 12, the middle twelve from 13 to 24 and the bottom twelve from 25 to 36. Areas for betting one of these groupings are found on the table. There are also areas for betting red or black, areas for betting odd or even, and areas for betting the first 18 numbers or the last 18 numbers.

Playing roulette:
The Dealer sees that all bets are down, spins the wheel, and rolls an ivory ball in the opposite direction. He ends the betting after a while calling “no more bets”. When the ball settles in one of the slots, the dealer places an icon on that number. Now the betting results are taken care of: the dealer removes all chips that did not scratch the winning number and pays off the winners. He removes the icon and the round is over. Next, the players place their new bets for the following spin. Each round can lasts approximately one minute or even less. There are different ways of placing your bets. See the section below for details.Placing bets & Payoffs: You can find all the bets, betting combinations and their odds on the table below.

Here are a few sample payoffs: 
Straight-up bet: A bet on one number (Any number including 0 and 00). Pays 35 to 1 (that is, your bet plus 35 times your bet).Split bet: Placing a chip on a line between two numbers. If either comes up you get 17 to 1.Street bet: A chip on the edge of a row covers three numbers. Pay off is 11 to 1.Corner bet: A chip on an intersection covers four numbers. Pay off is 8 to 1.Red or black: Pay off is 1 to 1.A bet on 18 numbers: pays 1 to 1.A bet on 12 numbers: pays 2 to1.
Of course the more numbers you choose to cover in one bet the lower is the payoff.